The Calendar Function

”Well. I Registered, now what?”

Once you’re registered your name should come up under the ”Teams” pages. Just choose your country and scroll until you find your name. Check the info and if all is ok then you are registered. Simple as that.


However, the site will be just as useful during the games as it ever was before. Say ”Hello” to the Calendar function.

The Calendar tab holds two items; the official time table of the 2015 WOC and the Points Leaderboard.

Under the Calendar tab (just click it) you’ll find all the key hours for the event. It might look a little messy due to the fact that the ”Lunch” category is floating in on several events. Logistics makes it smoother to have players who are finished with their course or discipline not having to wait too long for lunch as the others are continuing theirs. Waiting is such a drag and we’d rather have a little bit mess in the Calendar overview than in the competition. Just use the sorting of categories function at the top of the calendar to get a more precise view of hours.


Under the Calendar tab there’s also the Points Leaderboard (PL). PL contains the current standing and the total points given (”Overall”) during the event. It will be updated daily (probably hourly) and, just as the Calendar, it is sortable by clicking on the categories. It is worth checking out already to see if there’s coherence with your registration info (such as your PDGA# etc.). It also gives you a good overview of all participants and competitors during the 2015 WOC.

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