the USA Team

The team members of the USA team.

Randy Lahm Jr

Team USA
I am from Colorado and have not competed in all disc disciplines for many years ...

Thomas Chappell Cole

Team USA
Living In santa Barbara, co-directed 2015 US Open Overall.

Beth Jean Verish

Team USA
I have been playing disc sports for many years - I must like it.

Rick LeBeau

Team USA
I have been doing it almost 40 years competitively. I even enjoy doing it ...

Tobias Cabral Huntington Cole

Team USA
This is my third WFDF overall + 2 US opens.

Randy Lahm sr

Team USA
I live in Colorado and have competed in all disc sports disciplines for many ...

Juliana Korver

Team USA
Won a few PDGA Worlds a while back.  

John Titcomb

Team USA

John Mark Horn

Team USA
Been playing frisbee since the early 70's.

Rick Williams

Team USA
I live near Boston, Massachusetts. I worked in biotech for 23 years.  I ...

David Bolyard

Team USA
My friends and I had been tossing around a pro model, and when we got our ...

Doug Korns

Team USA
Honed throwing catching skills in the 1960's, discovered freestyle in 1977 ...

Conrad Damon

Team USA
Began playing disc sports in the early 1980's; first overall was the 1985 ...

Jack Cooksey

Team USA
I was 12 or 13 years old at the time and soon found Overall disc sports as ...

Harvey Brandt

Team USA
Been playing disc for a couple of years. Had a little success. My third trip to ...

Deborah Sue Horn

Team USA
Been playing since the early 70's.

Jeffrey Parker Korns

Team USA
I'm a freshman at the University of Oregon where I play Club Disc Golf and ...

Andrew Lemann

Team USA
My best event has been distance, having set age group world records 4 ...

Lori Daniels

Team USA
Amidst being the Executive Director of the Freestyle Players Association ...

David Taylor

Team USA
I am.

Tita Ugalde

Team USA
I was introduced to frisbee in 1972 but it seems like yesterday!

Jim Elsner

Team USA
Lots of disc golf in the 1980s, lots of DDC since 2000.

Scott Zimmerman

Team USA
I am former world champion.

Shahid Islam

Team USA

Diana Elsner

Team USA
Ultimate player at the University of Florida

Dan "Stork" Roddick

Team USA
Started with a Pipco Flyin' Saucer in 1953. Still learning...

Jeffrey Allen Shelton

Team USA
I'm also the co-director with Tom Cole of 2012 US Open Overall.
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