Evening Auction – For the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Did you buy any of the items in the 1976 Wham-O’s catalog? Do you own any historic paraphernalia? Do you miss any item in your collection or want to start one? Are you ready to turn your passion into something good for others? Now’s your chance.

During the week of the World Overall 2015 we´ll arrange an Evening Auction like we did in 2013, hopefully as many of you competitors will be there and bid for frisbee related items.
 Buzzbee   Frisbee flying saucer   
So a warm Welcome to the Evening Auction on Thursday the 23rd at 8 pm 
Bring whatever you think can relate to the world of frisbee and that you believe would be of interest like T-shirts – discs – books – pins – minis.
If there is something you´re really interested in please let us know and we will pass the word.
Everything we receive will be donated to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to collecting money to prevent and combat cancer diseases in children.

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    17 juli, 2015 (04:53)

    Will there be online bidding?

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      17 juli, 2015 (10:01)

      Unfortunately, no. You need to have a person at the ground to assist you with any bidding. You may try to use the individual presentation page to get in contact with someone. Everyone has a valid e-mail address in their contact information to the left of their presentation text.

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