Do you want to be a part of WFDF World Overall Flying Disc Championships in Norrköping?

Volunteers will be needed for the whole week, as our intentions are to produce an event where all players can concentrate on their participation instead of being staff members.… More

General Information

  • About
    Norrköping, Sweden, is proud to be the host for the 2015 WFDF World Overall Flying Disc Championships. We look forward to having the opportunity to show you what our country has to offer during the week of July the 18th – July the 25th.
  • Where to stay (Updated)
    Our host hotel will be the same as in 2013 - the Grand Hotel by the river, near many food and shopping options. We've also managed to arrange some cheap accommodations. Read more in our "Stay" section...More
  • Registration
    Payment before the 1st of June is 1 500 SEK for three disciplines or more or 750 SEK for up to two disciplines. After the 1st of June 1 750 SEK for three disciplines or more or 800 SEK for one or two disciplines.More

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